How to Setup Facebook in Think Up App

So I have recently setup Think Up App and its pretty cool, however, I had trouble setting up the Facebook API settings in the App itself and thought I would write a little something to show others how I did this.

From settings in the Think Up App Plugin section you will be asked to set the Web Site > Site URL and its not really obvious where to do this in Facebook Develeper Apps.

You need to put the URL Think Up App gives you for the Web Site > Site URL in the box which has the green tick next to it:

Facebook API Think Up App Configurations

As soon as I had done this it allowed me to sign into Facebook and was working fine and dandy!

The site I have set this up on often gets tweeted and shared on Facebook so its really nice to be able to see the reach of some of the activities conducted through Social Media.

I will be writing up a small guide on Think Up App in the coming days so watch this space!


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