Godaddy Search Engine Visibilty Packages – Worth It?

I am not a fan of GoDaddy, they have screwed me before and i’m sure i’ll get screwed on a domain again but they are doing something that took my eye.

Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Packages…

Godaddy Search Engine Visibility


So GoDaddy are giving you two options here, the first looks like it is based heavily on the SEO side of things. The package includes actions such as:

  • One-click submission to Google, Yahoo!,┬áBing and Ask
  • Analyze your site
  • Prepare your site with the right search content
  • Track your progress

Firstly this is all pretty standard stuff (apart from the submit to Google, Yahoo!, etc, which is pointless from where im concerned) and at $2.99 a month isn’t bad at all, and with the addition of the keyword ranking checker for your site and competitors sounds nice too! It does make wonder who or what is doing this for them as the analysis and preparation sections will take some time!

The premium version also has a PPC campaign setup and on-going optimisation. It also looks like they will manually create the ppc landing pages too. This does seem to be targeted towards the local market which is great if your a small business.

Below is a screenshot of the two packages:

Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Packages

I would be interested to here some testimonials from people that are using this service, it could be a nice little way to keep some of my sites going so I continue to earn from them!

What do you think?


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